SUPERHEROES sometimes come in small packages…

See a healthy child’s face light up after getting a trophy just for playing a game and you’ve witnessed the youthful glow of accomplishment & recognition. Now, try to imagine what an award means to a bed-ridden child with cancer who must suffer countless medical horrors hoping just to survive to their next birthday. When one so small faces something so big and scary think of how meaningful it would be for them to receive a medal for their tremendous courage. These brave children are called “GiantKids” because, although their footsteps may be small, they each leave behind footprints of a giant.

With generous support from Crown Awards and our donors, GiantKids is able to distribute customized awards to pediatric patients and their caregivers without charge or hassle. Take a look at our latest awards which are available to GiantKids across the United States.


Courage Medal

This shining gold medal is awarded to each young patient in recognition of their remarkable courage as they endure and sacrifice so much to conquer their illness.


Courage Certificate

Each Courage Medal is accompanied by a Courage Certificate in the patient’s name which provides a poignant testimony to their heroic “journey to wellness.”


Courage Dog Tag

This dog tag with “COURAGE” stamped on it is given to each young patient as a daily reminder of their remarkable bravery.


Courage Cub

This adorable teddy bear wearing a superhero cape with “Courage Cub” emblazoned on it is given to young patients to cuddle when they need a special friend.


PitCrew Medal

This shining silver medal is awarded to each caregiver (especially the patient’s siblings) in recognition of the selfless sacrifices needed while the patient undergoes treatment.


PitCrew Dog Tag

This dog tag with “PITCREW” stamped on it is given to each caregiver as a daily reminder of their selfless team spirit.