Louis Anthony Kaplow


About Louis

Louis was like any child at age 11. He was an avid follower and player of hockey and video games. He had just moved into a new house in a new town and was ready to play his part and make his mark. But soon after arriving at his new home, Louis was diagnosed with a brain tumor. All those dreams of being the next Mark Messier were replaced with the trials and tribulations that no child should have to endure. The multiple surgeries, radiation treatments and countless sessions of physical and occupational therapy became part of his life.

However, through the grace that belongs to children alone, Louis took it all in stride and kept pace with his peers at school, preferring that none of his friends think of him as ill. Louis never requested special treatment. When he graduated from middle school, on time and with honors, his 8th grade teachers gave him a special award for perseverance and his classmates gave him a standing ovation. Louis triumphantly raised his hands in the air in a real life expression of a champion.

His courage and perseverance are lessons for us all. Louis was mature enough to recognize that you can only affect those things that you can control; and those things, such as his illness, that you can’t control, then, “Oh well”…and move on. Louis’s journey took him from a stranger in his new community to a beloved hero. Louis Kaplow is a giant among GiantKids.

Louis is and will always be a guiding light and source of strength to his family, friends and community. And that is why we dedicate this web site to Louis and to all the children who exhibit that unbelievable strength and courage as they face the hurdles of their illness.